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New video for Enertime ORCHID solution for Waste Heat Recovery

Hey there !

I’d like to share a video where you could see what a 1MW ORC module for waste heat recovery looks like.

This plant has been started in november 2012. It is the first machine we built at Enertime, all design including the turbine has been done by Enertime and its technological partners.

Enjoy !

Comments are in french, i guess that subtitles in english are or would be available.



Caribbean Energy Forum (CREF 2013)


Next week, I will be attending the CREF in Aruba to discuss energy efficiency and clean&distributed power.

In the Caribbean, electricity can rocket above 300 USD / MWh (typically x3 to 4 compared to Europe).

Subject for discussions related with Organic Rankine Cycle Technology :

– Adding +5% to diesel power plant, by transforming the extra heat at the chimney and cooling into electricity;

– Low temperature geothermal power in the Caraïbes;

– Small distributed power unit using green waste and biomass;

– Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion, with Ammonia turbine and heat source at 28°C (surface water) and cold source from 10 to 5°C (1000m depth).